Tuesday, April 21, 2009

More Media Portrayal

A couple of weekends ago I watched what I guess you can call a marathon of "For the Love of Ray J" I thought of all the reality dating shows that come on. "Flavor of Love", "Everybody loves New York", "The Bachelor", and the list goes on and on. If shows like this aren't examples of polyamory then I don't know what is. One man (or woman) who gets to live with and date a large group of women (or men) for months. They all claim to fall in love at one point or another. But eventually there are only two. Usually one man and one woman. Sometimes two women. But never two men.

My thinking is that since their is no public outcry, viewers acceptance of these dating shows are dependent on the end result being monogamy.

If the end result wasn't monogamy, for instance, if a man decided he was going to take two women or a woman decided she was going to take a man and a woman, I believe their would be some very upset Americans.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Lesbians and/or Gays

Throughout our conversations on this blog it seems we have left out a huge part of the conversation. The Lesbian and gay community. We have discussed heterosexual couples and the male female roles in polyamory. What happens when the opposite sex is taken out of the equation?

Saturday, April 11, 2009


It seems so much of the conversation concerning polyamory leads to the topic of sex. Many monogamous couples practice abstinence. Couldn't this also be true for polyamorous couples? Would they be more accepted by society if they practice abstinence or is it impossible for the perverted minds of the majority to comprehend such a relationship?