Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Big Love

I watched the HBO show Big Love over the weekend. The show is about a man and his three wives and seven children. I expected the show to be focused on a polygamist compound, with obedient women, and Little House on the Prairie clothing. I thought the show would try to prove to America that polygamy is not as bad as we all think it is and that the people are wholesome God fearing people who just want to live their lives in peace.

Well, I got exactly the opposite of what I was expecting. I did get the polygamist compound but the show was definitely not focused on the compound or trying to show viewers what life was like living on one. I did see some clothing that might be considered a bit old fashioned but the women wearing them would definitely not be considered wholesome. There were villains, God fearing people, rebellious teens, conniving lovers, loving lovers, hateful family members, fearful family members,and the list goes on.

The show did a great job of portraying the polygamist family and their neighbors and associates as everyday people who just have a different view than most of what marriage consist of.

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